March 2016

Our first Botox party was a huge success!  We would love to thank everyone who came and enjoyed a night out with us!

Terri and Doctor

botox party






April 2016

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May 2016

We are having our second Botox party on Tuesday May 10th.  If you missed out on the first party make sure you join us for an evening of fun!


Here’s a great article from Cosmo and we now offer Kybella!  Click the link below!

This week Cosmopolitan featured an article on Kybella entitled “How a Plastic Surgeon Can Eliminate Your Double Chin with an Injection.”  The article features one of Allergan’s patient’s, Adra, speaking candidly about her experience with Kybella as well as an interview with Dr. Robert Anolik, KOL who appeared at Allergan’s Live Chin Up NYC media launch event.  This article is a direct results of the PR Live Chin Up Campaign.  Please follow the below link to read the article!